No Theme Performance Festival

What is No Theme?

No Theme is an annual performance festival curated by Ana-Miren San Millan and presented by Cocoon Theatre in the beautiful Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center of Poughkeepsie, New York. No Theme is all about supporting emerging artists by providing space for experimentation and collaboration in original work. Though we tend to be interested in the weird, the ugly, the surprising, the revealing, and the fun, it comes down to a celebration of the uniquely intimate performance experience. One weekend a year, we present a jumble of dance, theater, visual art, film, comedy, poetry, who knows what else -- all in one place. Each evening includes live music, and the weekend culminates in a potluck. We are a young festival growing stronger every summer, and since 2014, we have seen audiences expand, conversations with and between artists deepen, collaborations kick-off, and local excitement grow. We hope you join us this Labor Day: August 31 -- 7 pm, September 1 – 7pm, September 2 – 3pm.


Ways to Get Involved:

D o n a t e

All contributions, however small, are helpful. Your gifts support festival expenses, and more importantly, getting the art here. We strongly believe artists deserve to be compensated, and with your help we can get there sooner rather than later.

Do you make work that you would like to share? Submissions are open until April 1, 2018. Click on the PERFORM button above to get started!

       V O L U N T E E R

To put it simply, No Theme would not be possible without our incredibly dedicated and very small team. Volunteers work with crew members before, during, and after the festival. They can work the box office, help transform the space, host artists, cook, clean, deliver coffee, tell jokes, etc.  If you want to be treated like the last potato in town, or would like more information about volunteering, please email Ana:

       S T A R T     S P R E A D I N G     T H E    N E W S

What better way to get people talking than to get people talking? Tell your friends, email the cousins, share on facebook, spread the word!