Living Threads

A community program, free-of-charge, where students interview participants, collectively create an original performance piece and perform a full work for the general public. These programs are grant-based and are designed to teach people about the lives of others in an atmosphere of reciprocal exploration. The interviews are shared as a group and ideas followed either by a piece of art, a poem, a dance, music or song, a theatrical scene - or any kind of creative expression capable of being shared with an audience. Those interviewed are invited to create material themselves, perform, or participate as audience. 

The first Living Threads “Collage” was in fulfillment of an educational grant in connection with Kaatsbaan International Dance Center, where it was performed, as well as Fern Cliff Nursing Home, both in Upstate New York. Teens interviewed senior citizens concerning life-changing events. 

The second workshop was entitled “When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade” in fulfillment of a grant offered by Benedictine Hospital’s Oncology Department. Interviewed were people whose lives had been affected by cancer. Performances were at Benedictine Hospital and Cocoon Theatre. 

The third workshop entitled “What Is Education Anyway” interviewed those in the education system - teachers, students, educators, janitors, couches - about the true definition of an educated person. 

All programs have been highly provocative, both entertaining and upsetting, and all extremely successful in teaching people about … other people! The next Living Threads planned interviews people affected by war.