Cocoon has worked with public schools in Dutchess, Ulster and Columbia counties, teaching performing and visual arts workshops, culminating with live student performances and/or gallery showings, often based on school curriculum.

Plays in Public Schools:

The Halloween Project                                                                
The Pilgrim Story
     Part I: Holland
     Part II: The Boat Trip
     Part III: The First Year
     Part IV: Settlement                                                                        
A Whale of a Tale
The Great Ship Down - A story about the survivors of the Titanic                                  
The Egyptian Cinderella                                                             
The Great Molasses Adventure                                                   
Heggedy Peg                                                                               
The Twelve Dancing Princesses                                                 
The Friendly Giant                                                                      
Brother Eagle, Sister Sky                                                            
The Beluga Problem                                                                   
The Chalk Garden                                                                       
Tony’s Bread
Brave Irene
Where We Stand 
Atalanta and the Golden Apples
Oedipus King
The Olympics are in China
Do You Want to be a Fish?
Our Fields of War
The Civil War & Geology
Mama, I See America
The Winds of Change
Art From the Gut
Once Upon Our History
Paper Mache & Dance

Hyde Park Programs:

Cocoon began the Student Portrait Residency in 2009 in the Hyde Park Public School District, teaching 5th graders portraiture, as well as drawing individual portraits of the students. For its 6th year now, Cocoon has been scheduled to work in Hyde Park’s Summer Bridge Program and Performing Arts Residency, creating art and movement performances. This program includes a Special Needs Student component.

2013-14: 5th grade Student Portrait Residency serving 279 students in 4 elementary schools.
2013: Summer Bridge Program focused on ‘Community as a Theme.’ Students designed and rehearsed for 4 weeks and performed for family and friends.
2012-13: Student Portrait Residency served 50 Haviland Middle School Studio Art students and 120 5th grade students at Violet Avenue and R.R. Smith Elementary Schools.
2012: Summer Bridge Program theme ‘The Fair.’
2011-12: Student Portrait Residency at all 5 elementary schools in Hyde Park, serving a total number of 270 students.
2011: Summer Bridge Program theme ‘Animal Habitats.’
2011: Performing Arts Residency theme ‘Book.’
2010: Performing Arts Residency for 3rd grade students in 2 classrooms, culminated with an assembly performance of a play entitled ‘Bookworms.’
2010: Summer Bridge Program ‘The Olympics’ serving 30 students.
2009: Performing Arts Residency presenting ‘The Civil War and Geology’ serving 50 students.
2009: Performing Arts Residency at Netherwood Elementary School theme ‘Immigration’ serving 50 students.
2009: Summer Bridge Program focused on students’ creative drawing, singing, and dancing, serving 20 special needs students.